About us

About us


Our brand : HerChuan
Yuhfu(HerChuan), a corporation brand, has been esttxt_1lished a great reputation in the pump business service of Taiwan over 35 years. With all the diligently work and innovation, HerChuan has becoming a lead amount the pump manufacture industry; additionally, HerChuan never stops trying to extend the pump industrial territory internationally with various customer.

The main objective of HerChuan is to ensure the needs of water pump promptly for each national suittxt_1le condition as well as use custom under a reasontxt_1le price is. The company policy is to bring our products to all over the world and Vietnam is one of the great markets, so we have started the investment to build up a manufacture factory, NaTion pump Limited Corporation (NTP).

The NTP is a 20000m2 water pump factory in Binh Duong Vietnam. The goal is to provide customers with all kinds of water pump with high quality and value for professional and specialized use such as industry, agriculture, fishery, family, deep-well, and so on. Besides the original listed 'NTP' company's product, we also accept special customized order from the customer with various needs.

The objective is to make sure that all of the company produced pumps can be as powerful as the dragon. Our factory not only contains advanced technology but also includes many full designed types of equipments and modernized mechanical tools which are imported from Taiwan. In addition to, NTP hires many foreign specialists who have many years of rich experiences in this professional field for improving and keeping up the high quality firmly of the company products. Each production related material and spare parts either come from the high quality supplier or are imported from Taiwan.

The company offers products with new technology, multi function, and energy saving as a completed service from designing, marketing, production and quality assurance. Our customer base includes distributors, engineering firms and OEMs, for both standard and special design requirements. Many of our customers who have come to us with their design specifications have been satisfied with our service, quality and price.